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Steve Conway

“Steve Conway vintage style vocalist has sung regularly at Wembley for match days and also for Toby Alderweireld’s wedding in Antwerp ! Steve also has been booked for the Althorp estate event two years running and many private Events weddings, corporate events, Business awards nights and private parties. He performs both solo and with his Quintet.”

Susana Silva

Susana Silva

Some vocalists sing the sweet melodies of folk in haunting melodic tones. Some singers belt the blues with gravel and rage, and some cascade fountains of smooth jazz onto their audience. Susana Silva comes under an entirely different set of performers, in that her style is totally indefinable. Why? Because when she raises the microphone stand and opens her mouth, everybody is too distracted by the sheer scale of her talent to really notice what “box” she fits into. I can think of only one catergory, which can be described as “that goose-bump, hair-standing-one-end type of singer”.
Naturally she has influences; if you listen hard you will certainly hear powerful blues, with accents of jazz and soul beats, along with the odd delightful funk lick. She is keen on Etta James, Alanis Morisette and Stevie Wonder (to name but a few), which would not surprise the listener. However, the impact of her live performance really does leave little in the mind of listener, because she communicates instead with the heart. This can only come from the fact that she exceeds the role of an entertainer – she is rather the embodiment of an astounding story.

Susana arrived into London under tough circumstances. She had nothing but a bridge for a roof. Miraculously, the gift of a two string guitar, along with her extraordinary talent, saved her life. She began to perform on the South bank, which quickly built her a fan base and provided her with the funds to invest in better and better equipment (as well as a six string guitar). She has now found her home in this city, and is rapidly becoming a recognised name in the music scene. So what do we fundamentally get from her performance?
We get the first-hand experience of a survivor that fought against the odds. We get a woman who sings from a place of authenticity and love, rather than ego. We get an abundance of breath-taking talent, with an equal measure of modesty. Most of all, beneath the love that she purposefully spreads through music, we feel inspired to follow our own dreams with the same gratitude and compassion.

Backwoods Creek

Backwoods Creek

Backwoods Creek is a six piece Country Rock band from the UK’s deep south that brings a fresh, exciting take on the genre to a part of the world that had forgotten just how much it loves Country music.
First E.P. Out Now!

Rob Berry

Rob Berry

After starting classical piano at the age of 7 and progressing to the guitar Rob began a career in the 80’s as a recording engineer at Bermuda Sound Studios. This led to him engineering on Keith Richards album ‘Talk is Cheap’ produced by Steve Jordan as well as getting some blues guitar education from Keith himself. In ’90 Rob moved on to work in some of London top studios, including Metropolis Studios and Swanyard Studios, from there he worked alongside some of the best artists, producers and engineers in London, including, Gary Langan (Queen, Yes), Alan Moulder (Nine Inch Nails, Arctic Monkeys), Manu Dibango, Bernie Sumner(New Order), Johnny Marr(Smiths) and Andy Farris ( INXS) just to name a few.

After some time, the manic long hours took their toll and Rob really wanted to be a blues player not a tech. With his contacts in the studio business he began to do session work on guitar for the likes of Tom Robinson, Chris White from Dire Straits, and many other artists.

In 1994 Rob worked at Earls Court as a guitar demonstrator for JHS, the distributors for Hughes & Kettner amps, Jackson and Encore Guitars. He went on to develop a busy schedule of regular gigs in London and the South East. Soon after this he headed back out to Bermuda for a summer gig in the tourist resorts and Pubs, this was fun, he got to jam with some of New Yorks finest blues players, Poppa Chubby and also Big Ed & the Side Pockets at the Oasis Club. With frequent trips to Florida & Manhattan, this was just too much fun and the holiday gig turned into a 13 year stay.

For family reasons Rob eventually returned to the UK in 2007. Since returning he has put his studio experiences to good use and has completed seven albums.

The Ed Goodale Band

“Ed & Ollie Goodale have played all over the UK and Europe building a rapidly growing following for Ed’s songs and their energetic stage show. Highlights in 2017 included recording a Live album ‘The Gift’ in Holland at the bi-annual Marillion Weekend in front of an audience from 46 different countries; launching the album at their Glastonbury Festival set and then later in the Summer being followed on stage by The Pet Shop Boys at Henley Festival. Over the Winter Ed & Ollie have been joined by guitar virtuoso Steve Ball and the driving bass of Steve Burrell which has lifted Ed’s music further still; their 2018 shows are creating quite a buzz; we look forward to welcoming The Ed Goodale Band to The Big Meat.”

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