Here’s a list of some of the very talented Chefs who will be demo-ing their BBQ skills and more at The Big Meat 2017:

The Demo Stage Sponsored By Traeger

With a Traeger Grill you can grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise and BBQ! The 6-in-1 versatility allows you to cook hot and fast or low and slow. When you fire up your Traeger, you ignite the power to grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and BBQ – you’re the master of all trades. From baby back ribs to wood-fired pizza, smoky mac & cheese and even homemade apple pie, anything you can cook up in your head, you can cook up on your Traeger.

Ever wondered how a Traeger works?
The auger at the bottom of the hopper pulls the hardwood pellets into the fire pot where they contact the hot rod and ignite the pellet grill. Set the temperature on your pellet smoker to the desired setting and begin cooking, convection-style heat cooks food evenly and encircles food with delicious and flavorful smoke.
Wood fired cooking is simple with Traeger
Traeger’s ease of use and simple controls let you focus on what matters: your food, your family, and your friends. Our digitally controlled convection heating system simplifies wood-fired cooking, allowing for easy temperature settings, just like your oven. So whether you’re perfecting a recipe or watching the game, Traeger has you covered.
Perfect results with every cook
Consistent temperature gives you consistent results, meaning you can craft food rather than tend to the fire. Traeger manages the temperature for you, cutting out a major variable in achieving consistent results. Master your brisket recipe, champion a whole roasted chicken, and cook with confidence knowing that you can replicate perfect results again and again.

Priscilla Queen Of The Fire Pit


BBQ! Its not just for big hairy boys with a lack of personal hygiene and an inability to find their razors.

I’m Priscilla, as far as I know the world’s only drag queen competitive BBQ pit mistress. I’ll let you into a little secret, I was once one of those, hairy boys who’d lost his razor. Then I saw the light and realised being fabulous is far more fun!

I compete in BBQ competitions around the UK and who knows, maybe I’ll spread a bit of BBQ glitter around the rest of the world too. I’m all about the smoke, the fire, the meat. Oh, and the heels, the handbags and the lipstick too.

Find me at BBQ/chilli/food festivals and other events around the UK either competing, serving up some amazing food or raising money for Mind.

Simon Dyer

Simon Dyer

Simon Dyer is the winner of ITV’s ‘BBQ CHAMP 2015’.

Based in Somerset, Simon has a passion for building and cooking on barbecues. Farm owner Simon, has used everything from bricks to a washing machine to construct BBQ’s and smokers.

Simon has a passion for the wild side of cooking outdoors and enjoys foraging for wild ingredients.

Marcus Bawdon


I’m very lucky to live in a beautiful part of Devon in the UK, I love to cook, grow my own vegetables, and take pictures of the food. I also work away in Aberdeen for 6 months of the year, so get to play with wonderful ingredients from the North of Scotland too.

I have a young family and we love to entertain, so I wanted to learn how to cook simply for large parties, and will share lots of tips and tricks on how to do this.

I am Editor of UK BBQ Mag an online Outdoor Cooking Mag aiming to inspire people to cook outdoors year round and published quarterly. You can find out more at

Jackie Weight

Jackie Weight

Jackie Weight has been barbecuing the low and slow way for over 13 years and as Chief Cook in a team of two amateurs, she was the first and to date only non-American to win the overall “Grand Champion” Title at the Jack Daniels Invitational BBQ Competition in Lynchburg, Tennessee.Which to a non BBQ aficionado, means that she is seriously good at ‘low & slow’ cooking and we’re bloomin’ lucky that she’s our Pit Boss…

In her barbecue life she has won a top 10 placing in each of the categories at The Jack and also won several Ribbons at other contests in the USA. Jackie has run a successful outside catering business promoting low and slow BBQ, along with a food production business, during which time she won several Gold and Silver Awards in the Great Taste Awards.

In recent years, Jackie ran a successful business promoting American Barbecue, both in importing and selling BBQ equipment and helping to setup BBQ Restaurants in the UK, she was also Head Judge for the British BBQ Society for two years and is currently a BBQ Judge at Grillstock. Jackie is also a Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS) Certified BBQ Judge (CBJ).

Benjamin Piette

Ben Piette

A CHEF from Woking who made it all the way to the semi-finals of TV’s MasterChef: The Professionals. Now Chef-Owner of the very successful London House in West Byfleet “We put in a huge amount of research, and sourcing quality ingredients is the London House ethos. We are using small vineyards for our wines, so we are bespoke and exclusive, and we are applying the same to all our food and drinks”


Please note, all details are correct at time of publish and although we sure hope they wont change, we also know that sometimes life happens so details may be subject to change.