UK Chilli Cook Off

UK Chilli Cook Off Sponsored by Jimmy Ginger

Chilli Cook Off Hand In Saturday 5pm

Chilli Cook Off

In late 2012, the UK Chilli Cook-off Association was set up by Jon Doody, Fiona Davies, Matt Kinnison, James Timmons, Ashleigh Harris, Raymond Lee and Tony Ainsworth AKA Darth Naga, passionate like-minded chilliheads, all dedicated to the quest of finding the best bowl of Chilli in the UK.
They organise, promote and sanction Chilli Cook-offs in the UK, using specific judging and cooking rules and regulations. All of their Chilli Cook-offs help raise money for various charities. Head over to their home page to read about the charities that they’ve helped.

Chilli Cook Off

Late in 2016 Jon approached us about hosting a regional heat of The UK Chilli Cook Off and we jumped at the chance. All teams have 4 hours to prepare and cook 1 gallon of Chilli Con Carne! And the best bit is you get to be the judge! You can purchase a tasting spoon for £3 at The Big Meat and sample the teams efforts and vote for your favourite. The winning team will even qualify for the World Chilli Championships in Alabama, USA!!!

The UK Chilli Cook Off will take place on Saturday 26th August at The Big Meat, hand in time 5pm.

Chilli Cook Off

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