Here’s a list of some of the fantastic stalls who were selling at The Big Meat 2018. If you are interested in trading at The Big Meat 2019, please email

The BBQ Shop

BBQ Shop

The good times that summer brings have arrived and there’s one activity that unites us more than just about any other when the British weather’s in a good mood: The Barbecue!

Leaving aside the tired old tropes of rained-off reunions and ‘kiss the cook’, chefs-for-a-day dads, there remains the question of what to do when it’s time to re-evaluate your garden’s cook station. Is it time to retire that carbonised bucket of rust that once called itself a BBQ? Well, obviously. But if you’re after something to take your al-fresco cooking to smoky new heights, a BBQ that brings out the best in your food, one that’s guaranteed to bring pleasure to yourself and your guests over many, many summers to come then come on over to The BBQ Shop in Old Woking.

The BBQ Shop stocks an unbelievable range of top name barbecues from brands such as Broil King, Napoleon, Cadac, Beefeater and Big Green Egg. There are models in a variety of gas and charcoal options for every cook imaginable, from super-portable grills to four-burner ranges to a fully equipped outdoor artisan kitchen, fitted with sinks and fridges.

Maybe you’ve got your eye on those BBQs-du-jour, the Big Green Eggs, in particular. In which case The BBQ Shop are the local experts to talk to when choosing just what fantastically versatile ceramic green ovoid to put in pride of place in your garden. Made from the finest, highest quality American ceramic material which comes with a Lifelong Guarantee, Big Green Eggs have even been seen in many Michelin Star Restaurants because of the moistness of the food created and the durability that the build gives the cooks.

There are a full range of packages available across this range and others, and it goes without saying that they can supply every kind of BBQ accessory you’d need, from cleaning products, extra grills and griddles to utensils and even tools just for making pizza.

And if you can’t see what you’re after in store, you’ll find their vast range in its entirety online and all of the models you see on the site can be delivered to your door. We’ll even build your BBQ for you should you wish it.

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Wildpyre – Argentian Parilla Grills made in the UK

Wildpyre understand man’s basic desire to cook with fire and have developed a range of high quality wood burning barbeque equipment that will look great in your garden and is very easy to use too. Their aim is to make cooking with wood an exciting and pleasurable experience that you will look forward to and enjoy time and time again.
All of their products are developed with style, practicality and quality in mind and this ethos is central to our design inspiration. So with a range of products to meet your individual tastes, cooking styles and available space.

All you need to do is choose…

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BBQ Gourmet

BBQ Gourmet

Over many years, I have lived in and visited many countries around the world, e.g. Canada, the United States, Germany, Hong Kong & China, New Zealand, Australia, the Caribbean, South Africa, Thailand, Portugal, Bulgaria… and so the list goes on. In all these places, I sampled the local cuisine and have consistently found that my favourite is barbeque.

When I say ‘barbeque’, I mean real barbeque – not just a sausage, burger or a chicken leg that happens to have been cremated outdoors. I mean large cuts of beef, pork or chicken that have been slowly smoked, roasted, or grilled over many hours so that the meat is so succulent that it almost falls off the bone and is so flavoursome from the rubs, sauces and other seasonings used on it that it defies description and you know you don’t want to eat anything else.

Whilst each country does it differently (and the range of flavours that can be achieved with barbeque is just amazing), the people who really understand what I consider to be the best barbeque in the world are the Americans. Indeed, many consider barbeque to be the national cuisine of the United States, and with good reason. In the United States, barbeque is more than just a pastime and an excuse for getting a few friends around for a party – it is a passion, a matter of pride, and a way of life.

There are literally hundreds of BBQ competitions each year in the United States, some with over 500 BBQ teams competing, e.g. the American Royal World Championship. These BBQ competitions have to be seen to be believed – hundreds of BBQ teams compete to produce the best barbeque food in an atmosphere of friendly rivalry, and the quality of the food they produce is just stunning.

In the United Kingdom, real barbeque is still in its infancy and most people don’t know what real barbeque is. Information on how to cook barbeque, and in particular how to impart that amazing BBQ flavour to their food, is not so readily available.

To help address this, BBQ Gourmet was founded in 2013 to promote real BBQ and provide the UK and Europe with easy access to the best competition-winning BBQ rubs, sauces, marinades, brines and accessories from the United States and around the world. We also aim to provide our customers with links to some of the best sources of information on barbeque available on the web.

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Caligrafia create hand lettered, unique and customised paper goods including greetings cards, wall prints and wedding stationery. We will be creating barbecue-themed products, especially for The Big Meat.

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Traeger Grills/Alfresco Chef

As well as being the sponsor for our Demo stage, Traeger will also be bringing along some of their fantastic BBQ’s…

“With a Traeger grill, you have the freedom to fire up healthy and delicious wood-fired food every day of the week. Smoke, bake, grill, roast, braise, and barbecue your way into the hearts of those you feed. A Traeger grill enhances your recipes with flavour and transforms them into memorable meals.

Come and get hands on with the Traeger Grills range and see how you can cook anything from baby back ribs to wood-fired pizza, smoky mac & cheese and even homemade apple pie, anything you can cook up in your head, you can cook up on your Traeger.”

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The Wiltshire Chilli Farm

“Fearless flavour from Wiltshire! Award-winning sauces, preserves and grinders made with chillies grown in Wiltshire. From mild to wild, we cater for all tastes.”

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Pops N Bubbles

“Pops N Bubbles offer a wide range of fantastic Soaps, Candles, Bath and shower time treats, alongside a range of personalised gifts. Our products are handcrafted by us in small batches so two are never completely alike! We only use top quality ingredients, Essentials oils and especially selected Fragrance oils, a lot of our products are SLS and Paraben free and our candles and wax melts are made using Soy wax.”

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Little Rain Cloud

“Little Rain Cloud is excited to be debuting a stall at The Big Meat 2018! A great event for all the family we will be there all weekend, enjoying the atmosphere and selling our products. We will have fantastic bunting, quilts/play mats, decorations and keepsakes to buy.

**In addition and exclusively for the event we will be selling handmade, unique children’s aprons which can be personalised with initials on the day! **”

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Sparkle Storm

“The sparkle created from a product you love is the feeling we aim for with every creation at Sparkle Storm. With each product comes a tailored unique design created by hand. Each quality product makes a memory that lasts for you and your family.”

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Usborne Books

“At Usborne our aim is to create the very best books for children – books they read again and again, that they carry with them everywhere, read under the bedcovers by torchlight and that they remember into adulthood. Visit us for the best books and the best advice on which books to choose for your child’s development and enjoyment.”

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Please note, all details are correct at time of publish and although we sure hope they wont change, we also know that sometimes life happens so details may be subject to change.