Food & Drink

Here’s a list of some of the fantastic people who will be selling at The Big Meat 2017:

Boardwalk Bites – Smokin Stateside Street Food

Boardwalk Bites BBQ

Back for their second year at The Big Meat from their permanent home at The Normandy Pub in Putney Boardwalk Bites bring their take in Stateside Street Food back to The Big Meat, last year their Mac ‘n’ Cheese was the talk of the festival, we can’t wait to see what they bring in 2017!

Quiet Waters ‘Smoke & Fire’

Quiet waters smoke and fire

Quiet Waters ‘Smoke & Fire’ will be prepping a full Cuban style Lechon pig, with a run through on meat prep, marinades and side dishes as well as the box roasting itself, before it all goes on the menu as soon as it comes out of the cooker. PLUS they will be cooking one of their lovely big Oxford Downs Lambs in a Marrakech style, again running through meat prep, side dishes and marinade/baste recipes and techniques. This too will then all go on the evening menu as soon as its cooked. So, join them for the demos where they can chat through things, answer questions and get you involved and then come for the best bit later on and fill a plate. They will be doing the whole pig and the whole lamb on both days, so don’t miss out!

Bark ’n’ Render

Bark and Render

Bark ‘n’ Render is a catering company specialising in central Texas style barbecue meat! Another first timer at The Big Meat serving the highest quality Brisket cooked for up to 15hrs over locally sourced wood.
“You can taste the love and dedication that goes into this amazing produce. Absolutely delectable and highly recommended. This is the stuff that can turn a vegan off the straight and narrow!”

Golden State Kitchen

Golden State

Borne out of their love of food; inspired by travels in California. They make simple, fresh food using the best quality local produce. Their menus are tailor-made to requirements, from gourmet burgers to Mexican street food. Super passionate about what they do we’re sure you’ll taste the difference!

Shine London

Shine London Moonshine

Returning to The Big Meat Shine London is on a mission to create amazing events through the use of Palmetto Moonshine. They want to ensure that when your drink is served it also comes with the history, heritage and culture surrounding this unique drink. You have probably seen the movies and heard the stories now it is time to get acquainted first hand with this premium whiskey born from the 1920s prohibition era.

Frank & Earnest

Frank and Earnest Coffee

Hot and cold brew coffee they want to deliver an unforgettable coffee experience, that’s why there are no short cuts here. Every stage of the process is subject to extensive research, development and detailed testing. From ethically sourcing our speciality grade beans through to roasting, brewing and finally to our unique dispensing solutions. They want to ensure that each and every customer gets the full uncompromised Frank and Earnest experience. They’re bringing coffee to life and want to share our adventure with you!

Gumdrops & Lollipops

Please note, all details are correct at time of publish and although we sure hope they wont change, we also know that sometimes life happens so details may be subject to change.